Able to interact with an AC or TV unit, this beautiful light fixture will be as much a control center as it is a design centerpiece

Sony will soon sell a beautiful light for the connected home in Japan that will redefine what a functional centerpiece means. Along with illuminating a room, they can take control of your home’s other appliances and even receive calls.

The Sony Multifunctional Light is exactly what the name suggests. But instead of just flashing multi-colored LEDS to a beat, it boasts features far more important to the modern, connected home.

Its design is exactly what you’d expect from the Japanese: minimalist and remarkably clean. A ring radiates the light giving a soft, engulfing shine to the room. This is the lighting half that comes in two variants: 53 or 42 watts. With a diameter of 26 inches, or over two feet, its size is definitely meant to become a centerpiece—a chandelier of sorts with a distinctly Japanese origin.

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