The collaboration lets you see what's playing while you sip your morning latte and recreate the ambience at home

The quintessential coffee shop experience often involves smooth jazz playing over the speakers or the crooning of indie darlings. Many a coffee lover can attest to the power of music to make that cup of coffee even more enjoyable—and turn the atmosphere into a relaxed and inviting one.

Coffee lovers that appreciate music can now experience coffee shop tunes in a new way. Starbucks and Spotify have teamed up to offer new features in the Starbucks app that include specially curated playlists.

When users open the Starbucks app, they can click on a small icon that takes them through a tutorial. The instructions explain how to use the features and link the Starbucks app with a Spotify account. Users must turn on location settings (for the iPhone this has to be set to ‘always' not just ‘while using this app').

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