A proposal could be a way for this city to deal with unsustainable population growth

As a city whose rapidly growing population numbers do not appear to be leveling off any time soon, Stockholm needs to find a way to accommodate legions of new residents without succumbing to uncontrollable sprawl. A plan commissioned by Sweden's opposition Center Party and put together by the firm Anders Berensson Architects envisions a way to ensure the nation's capital city retains its essence while also accommodating newcomers.

The plan, dubbed “Klarastaden,” meaning “clear city,” points to a series of thin towers connected by skywalks as a solution to the lack of space in the city's center. The towers would create a new type of “dense and green city” near Stockholm Central Station, according to the firm, and would effectively make the area much more dense—thus accommodating a greater population—while largely making use of preexisting infrastructure.

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