Tap your phone against a surfboard to see where it's been, what kind of waves it's stood up against, and its construction details

SmartSurf, a concept by the Australian company Disrupt, is taking niche to a new level by creating a social sharing network specifically for tech-forward surfers. The network links an app with boards embedded with electronics to help users track their rides and the history of their boards.

The boards incorporate Bluetooth transceivers, an accelerometer, GPS and other shielded electronics that record where the board has been and what kind of movement it’s made at each location. When linked with the board owner’s phone, it converts that data into specific metrics like wave height and length of ride, which the user saves in a profile. An owner can publicly share the information, or keep it just to track his own progress and travel. The boards are fully water-tight and the electronics well-protected enough to survive even the roughest waves.

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