Valet Parking Subscription Tacks on On-Demand Tesla Charging

Valet Parking Subscription Tacks on On-Demand Tesla Charging

Apart from car-charging services, subscribers can park their Tesla overnight at a secure lot

Leigh Ann Renzulli
  • 29 january 2016

Luxe, the app that offers on-demand valet parking starting at $5 an hour, has announced a pilot partnership with car manufacturer Telsa Motors. Under the new partnership, Telsa drivers have access to electronic vehicle charging services, as well as subscription options that other Luxe users do not.

Telsa owners who choose the a la carte option would be able to access the additional car-charging service. After the Luxe valet comes to pick up the car, users can simply tap on the Telsa charging icon within the Luxe app to request a charge for an additional $15.

The subscription models are more advanced. Depending on the subscription, drivers can use Luxe on an occasional, regular or unlimited basis. Also depending on the subscription, users could keep their cars parked in one of Luxe’s secure lots overnight.

“This is a great option for folks who need parking at work or in the evening, or simply need access to their vehicle on weekends and have no place to store it during the week,” said Stephen Rodi, director of communications for Luxe.

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The subscriptions specific to Telsa drivers start at $399 and are only available in New York and San Francisco at this time. Unlimited Luxe services are priced at $899 per month.

Telsa, an electric carmaker, is known as a luxury car brand. U.S. News and World Report ranked the Telsa Model S #1 in luxury large cars in 2015. It makes sense for Luxe, which also caters to wealthy clientele, to partner with the manufacturer.

“We want to make parking and charging as simple as possible for Telsa drivers,” said Rodi, in a prepared statement. “The pilot is available to any Luxe customer who owns a Telsa and requests Luxe to park and charge it.”

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Since the pilot has been announced, there have been rumors about Luxe being preinstalled into Telsa dashboards. Rodi couldn’t confirm that rumor, saying, “Apart from our current pilot we have no other updates to share.”

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