Yoga Pants, Laced With Tech, Make for a Self-Guided Vinyasa

Yoga Pants, Laced With Tech, Make for a Self-Guided Vinyasa

The yoga experience gets infused with technology in a seamless and app-guided way

Eva Recinos
  • 11 january 2016

The grace, flexibility and strength that yoga requires comes with practice—and it’s helpful to hear feedback from an instructor, too. But a new clothing line called Nadi could help yoga lovers stay in top form without the constant need for an instructor.

Recently unveiled at CES, the specially designed line of tights caters to the yogi that aims to perfect his/her craft. Using haptic vibrations, the yoga pants help to correct the wearer’s form. With different frequencies and intensities, the vibrations guide the wearer through not only their positions but also their overall goals. Users can set these goals—and track their progress—with the help of an app. The vibrations happen in real time as the wearer changes movements.

Wearable Experiments—the brains behind Nadi—focuses specifically on this union between fashion and technology. They hope to create each fashionable item as an “untapped resource that, together with technology, can help people stay more connected and use their fashion in a more practical way,” as their website states.

nadi yoga clothing

With products like Nadi, the team aims to make technology “subtle and unobtrusive.” From an outside perspective, the tights look like an average pair. Their modern, geometric design makes them seem sleek and able to handle all types of yoga positions. Including an added layer of technology just makes them all the more useful.

As makers continue to weave digital tools into clothing, this seems like a natural gravitation toward the meeting point between the functionality of clothing and the power of technology.


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