The future's in the air: A mood and smartphone-controlled freshener

A Utah-based startup invented Pura Scents, an automated air freshener that you can control from your smartphone.

Pura Scents is a smart plug-in dispenser that requires zero maintenance. One doesn’t even have to keep checking if the scent is running out. Moreover, the user can choose up to two fragrances that can be interchanged depending on one’s mood. Do you like to wake up to the smell of coffee? Do you want to go home and smell the fresh scent of newly cleaned linens?

Right now, Pura Scents is offering 15 fragrances namely: Aloha Paradise, Autumn Café, Bleached Amber, Dragon Berry, Fresh Alpine, Golden Dahlia, Green Tea Citrus, Lavender Dream, Linens & Lace, Midnight Kiss, Pacific Aqua, Pink Peony & Silk, Tuscan Neroli, Vanilla Chiffon and Velvet Wineberry. Simply pick your two fragrances, put the vial in the dispenser and plug it in.

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