Want a Beer? Just Scream Into This Vending Machine

Want a Beer? Just Scream Into This Vending Machine

Need a drink? Scream as loud as you can if you really want a brew

Azalea Pena
  • 24 february 2016

Traditionally, one can get a beer by simply buying one in the supermarket or ordering one in a pub or bar. However, Farnham Ale & Lager wasn’t particularly happy with this setup. What does this brewery want you to do? Scream (!) into a vending machine to get your beer.

In Quebec Canada, Farmhan Ale & Lager started brewing beer in 2013. The company’s mission? “To make craft beer accessible to all.” But, the brewery will not take the traditional route to complete this mission. Instead, in last year’s Quebec Beer Festival, Farmham Ale & Lager brought with them a beer vending machine that forks over free beer in the most bizarre way.

There’s no need for coins or paper money, all you need to do is scream into the machine and you’ll get your free booze. Well, it’s not just for fun’s sake actually; Farnham Ale & Lager is using this machine, with the help of LG2, as a marketing ploy to showcase its Indian Pale Ale or IPA as well as the other bitter beers in its product line.



Why the need to scream? The vending machine actually measures how loud the scream is to determine the bitterness of the beer to be dispensed. In simpler terms, the louder the scream, the bitterer the beer.


The vending machine has a scream sensor on top, measuring how loud the scream is. It will then automatically correlate the loudness to the bitterness of the beer. The whole concept of this marketing ploy is to highlight that every single person has an unequal tolerance for bitter beer. Hence, people should drink the beers that they’re more inclined to like.

Screaming Beer Vending Machine | Farnhouse Ale & Lager

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