Get Matched to Right-Sized Clothes with Full Body Scans

Get Matched to Right-Sized Clothes with Full Body Scans

Nothing beats a mirror, but 3D body scanning pods comes close

Laura Yan
  • 4 february 2016

What if you could buy the right-sized clothes without having to step into a dressing room? mPort is a full body scanner and measuring pod being launched across malls in Australia, and it hopes to change the way you shop.

Step into the mPort pod to start inputting basic information, like age and gender. Strip down so that the machine can start scanning: it will measure height, weight, waist, hips, thighs, and other useful numbers.

mygoals-graph1 mport

The machine uses safe, infrared technology to record the measurements, and stores the data on mPort’s servers (not the local booth). Users will be able to view and track their measurements on the mPort website, or through an app. mPort doubles as a health measuring app, tracking things like BMI, fat content and waist-to-hip ratio. The website will even allow users to set and track fitness goals.

But its most useful application may be for shopping. Once mPort finishes scanning, it presents the shopper with a list of clothing items that match her measurements, in the right sizes. mPort is also working with companies like InStitchu, which sells tailored men’s suits online, to provide accurate measurements for custom0made clothing. InStitchu co-founder, Robin McGowan, told Marketing Mag:

“Although the online measuring tools have been well received, there’s still a lot of men out there hesitant about measuring up on their own. The 3D body scanning technology from mPort is just what they needed to gain the confidence to purchase tailored suits online.”

mport mall.jpg
mPort’s mapping sessions and size recommendations are free for users, though for more comprehensive data and tracking changes over time, the site provides a premium account for $2.95 a month.

A quick machine scan does sound easier than fumbling with a tape measure, but the technology still won’t account for everything: a dress might fit but still look awkward, a brand’s listed measurements may still vary from garment to garment.

mPort’s fast and accurate measurements suggest a new, easier way to shop: It could mean saving time in dressing rooms and taking guess work out of online shopping.


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