Caretakers can get rest with a device that allows for unsupervised bed rotations

Caretakers have a duty to care for their patients 24 hours a day, but should this mean that caretakers must forego their eight hours of sleep a day in the process? Constant bed rotations force caretakers to sleep for three hours a day only and obviously, that is not enough. Chow Wai Tung Eason and Hon Sui Ming Raymond designed the Flipod, a device that allows for unsupervised bed rotations for non-ambulant patients.

In most cases, non-ambulant patients need the help of caretakers to change their sleeping or resting positions. Usually, prolonged static positions in bed cause discomfort and it is only relieved when the patient is positioned in a different manner. Changing positions also alleviates respiratory or breathing problems. However, the constant bed rotation is taking a toll on caretakers' physical and mental health.

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