Citibank Testing an ATM That Scans Your Eyeballs to Prevent Theft

Citibank Testing an ATM That Scans Your Eyeballs to Prevent Theft

PIN pads, card readers and screens have no place in the cash withdrawal of the future

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 4 february 2016

Designed by self-service technology provider Diebold, Citibank’s newest ATM prototype Irving strays from conventional designs by eliminating the need for PIN pads, card readers and even screens. In their place, the machine will employ near field communication (NFC) technology to identify customers through their phones, wherein interactions will proceed on users’ respective mobile screens. An accompanying app will employ an eye scanning process for user verification, thanks to iris identification software provided by Eyelock, before prompting users with their options.

While Irving looks to make ATM transactions more seamless, it’s also venturing to make them safer. 2015 saw an unprecedented rate of “skimming”—the process in which thieves insert a device into a card reader to capture card data and a camera to view the PIN information—the highest in over two decades. In taking a minimalistic and personalized approach to withdrawal, Irving looks to eliminate the need for feeding a debit card, potentially preventing millions of dollars lost to identity theft.

“Citibank ATMs will now present information based on customer preferences automatically and they will enable customers to check their balances at any point without having to navigate through multiple screens. No matter how we interact with customers—at an ATM, in a branch, on a mobile device, over the phone or online—we want to deliver the best experience possible.”

Let’s face it, we’ve all had to wait in line behind someone punching in the wrong PIN code time and time again, only to debate whether getting a receipt is a secure decision or not. Perhaps we ourselves were the slowpoke pondering how much cash we need for the week. Irving looks to eliminate these problems by streamlining the user experience to allow for multiple people to access an ATM at any single moment. Complete with remembered preferences (language selection, faster withdrawals), simplified screen flows, customer friendly design and tones and the removal of multi-screen navigation, the global banking leader is set to release the ATM in the near future, stay tuned.


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