Handmade in Brooklyn, this Bowie apparel hopes for a more sustainable world

New York-based clothing designer Daniel Silverstein doesn’t allow any fabric waste in his studio. Pattern-making techniques, appliqués, tiled mosaics and embellishments absorb 100 percent of the textile goods brought in, with factory scraps being transformed into new garments. His ZWD line of fully upcycled clothing recently added a unique David Bowie long sleeve raglan that is unlike any other sweatshirt you can buy.

The Bowie sweatshirt is handmade in Brooklyn using high quality cutting room fabric scraps sourced in the local area. Priced at $275, the garment is made using a zero waste design process. No two shirts are exactly alike, with each one featuring a unique artistic “tiling” design and textural variation. To complete the zero waste experience, the sweatshirts are all shipped from a facility at Manufacture New York in mason jars.

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