Bring your pooch along for the ride

For pet owners, the hardest part of the day can be saying goodbye to a furry friend as you start the day or run an errand. But a new partnership encourages São Paul citizens to bring their pooches along for a ride. Purina Dog Chow partnered with Easy Taxi to offer passengers with dogs a 25% discount on their rides. Riders simply call the “Dogtaxi” and enter a code to get scooped up with their dog in tow.

To promote the campaign, Purina Dog Chow gave unsuspecting passengers a furry surprise. A video shows passengers squeal in delight as they unexpectedly hop into a car with a smiling pooch in the backseat. The dogs seem more than happy to receive affection from these passengers. They also look perfectly content during their alone time before the passengers hop in; as the driver zips along the city, the dogs stick their heads out of the window and enjoy the breeze.

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