Portland will be host to an array of immitation cheeses, meats and, yes, vegan cookies

The world’s first all-vegan supermarket, Veganz, is finally making its way to the United States, to find a home in the vegan capital of Portland, Oregon. Veganz is a supermarket chain founded in 2011 by Jan Bredack, a former manager at Mercedes-Benz.

The store imports products from 30 countries around the world a sell a dizzying array of vegan goods: there are fake cheeses, fake meats and fish, egg substitutes, vegan cookies and ice cream, and as well as environmentally friendly toiletries and cosmetics (in fact, there’s hardly anything you won’t find in vegan form, as detailed in this look at the Berlin store’s offerings). There are over 10 branches of the store currently open across Europe in cities like Berlin, Munich, Prague and Vienna.

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