Inspiring a creative "flow" state by threatening complete and utter erasure

Flowstate is a writing app that can either become your best friend or your worst nightmare: if you stop typing, the app starts deleting your work.

The app wants to help users enter that elusive “flow” state: a psychological state in which the person is fully immersed, focused, and enjoying an activity distraction-free. It's a feeling of being “in the zone” that should sound familiar to most artists and athletes.

The minimalist app will let you select a font and set a timer for the duration of the session (from five to 180 minutes). Then just start writing! Once you pause for more than five seconds, the text will start to fade on screen. Even longer and the app will erase all your hard work; by sticking it until the session's end, the app will save your work. Its website touts it as “the first writing tool to emphasize the distinction between writing and editing.”

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