This sharp-looking concept explores phones that happen to be mindfully 'dumber'

The smartphone is called so because it can do far more than just make calls. But this functionality comes with its drawbacks, too. With every aspect of life being turned into an app, the smartphone could be turning people into digitally-focused zombies. Serbia-based Alter Ego Architects decided to come up with a contemporary alternative to the smartphone that doesn’t make you feel entirely off-key: the O phone.

It’s easy to imagine a dumb phone as a brick with keys, but the O phone is anything but. It comes in white, in bar form, with a thickness that diminishes toward the edges. A bit bigger than a regular credit card, it features a touch e-ink screen like a Kindle. With no use for a 3.5mm audio jack, it only features a single USB-looking port where you can charge the device, a power/lock/wake button on the side and +/- rockers on the other side for volume control.

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