Project Soli is Google's response to our intimacy with tech

“The hand is the ultimate input device. It’s extremely precise, it’s extremely fast, and it’s very natural for us to use it,” says Ivan Poupyrev, founder of Project Soli over at Google ATAP. “How can we take this incredible capability—the finesse of human actions and the finesse of using our hand—but apply it to the virtual world?”

For those unaware, Google’s ATAP stands for ‘Advanced Technology and Projects Group,’ the same subdivision that’s bringing us Project Jacquard, a new system for weaving technology into fabric to transform everyday objects like clothing into interactive surfaces. Project Soli on the other hand is virtually interface-less, it’s essentially a chip that operates on radio frequencies to capture and track micro-motions in the human hand to be used as a new mode of interaction with wearables and other computing devices.

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