Swap Out Your Waterproof Phone Case for a Hacker-Proof One

Swap Out Your Waterproof Phone Case for a Hacker-Proof One

This privacy guard aims to make your phone insusceptible to data breaches

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 19 february 2016

Privoro is a smartphone gadget for those who are highly concerned about potential hackers unveiling the data stored in their devices.

Currently available for the iPhone 6 and 6S, Privoro is a type of Faraday cage that surrounds the phone and makes it invisible from cell towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth and other radio frequency technologies.

The case also blocks the phone’s cameras and has the ability to transmit sounds to the phone’s microphones that can jam them, making it impossible for others to eavesdrop on your conversations. Although data encryption technologies are not a new concept, Privoro is a new kind of physical guard for your phone’s privacy.

While the cage is on your phone, the device is still fully functional. You can take photos and answer calls, as long as you remember to lift the privacy guard’s hood to uncover the speaker or camera, and then replace the cover when you’re done.

Privoro has a battery life of between 48 and 72 hours, although you can also charge the device while the case is on your phone. It’ll flash white and red to let you know it’s time to recharge.


The company hopes to soon expand by making cases for other smartphones. In addition to the iPhone version, there will soon be a Privoro guard for your iMac, which doesn’t envelope the computer in quite the same way. Instead, it attaches to the top of the computer monitor and blocks the camera. It also makes use of the same Active Audio Masking technology that the iPhone case uses to stop others from eavesdropping on you, this time through the computer’s microphone.

The Privoro cage for the iPhone, which is available for preorder now, costs $1,000 and is expected to ship this spring. The iMac version, available for preorder within the next few months, will cost $500. The company does offer an app that you can use to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, though—it’ll verify the effectiveness of the privacy guard for you.


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