Dual Heels Provide Double-Duty Support

Dual Heels Provide Double-Duty Support

These fashionable shoes are outfitted with a microchip to ensure authenticity

Eva Recinos
  • 22 february 2016

Plenty of shoe designers try to combine style and comfort for the ultimate pair. But few of them stray too far from the original design of a shoe, especially when it comes to the classic heel. Christopher Coy takes a bold approach to the timeless problem of designing shoes that look as good as they feel. Each pair of shoes actually uses two heels to create more stability—and less pain.

As the website states, the collection uses “iconic dual heels” to make it easier for fashionistas to “look and feel beautiful throughout their entire day, experiencing true luxury.”

The heels currently come in seven different styles. Each of these takes on a sleek approach, using neutral colors offset with dark wood accents.



In addition to the unique design of each pair, Christopher Coy also emphasizes the authenticity of the materials used in each style. In collaboration with Chronicled, the shoe company includes a microchip with each pair of shoes that syncs to the Chronicled app. Users can verify the authenticity of the heels with their iPhone or Android device. This ensures that when the heels are resold, or traded, the buyer can make sure they are 100 percent authentic.


The app also offers customers a chance to see the design process behind the heels. With a focus on comfort and a recognizable design, Christopher Coy offers another alternative to the standard pair of heels.

According to Fast Company, the heels start at $425 per pair. A recent Instagram post by Christopher Coy mentions that the company will update the website in the near future when the heels are available to order.

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