Cherry Blossoms and Finnish Forests Inspired This Design Collaboration

Cherry Blossoms and Finnish Forests Inspired This Design Collaboration
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A new home collection encourages taking a moment for personal reflection

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 11 february 2016

We regularly hear about the characteristics of form and function baked into the design of everyday products. A new design collaboration between Finnish ceramics maker Iittala and the Japanese fashion label Issey Miyake highlights a less discussed characteristic and that’s feeling. Specifically, how things are meant to make us feel.

The Pause for Harmony collection of 30 items finds commonality in simplicity of design, while highlighting the distinctive individual mastery of material and process for which each company is known.

The aim for many of the products is to have a transformative moment between when the items are stored and used. The pleated bags and pillow covers, for example, each unfold from one shape to another and reveal their use.

In the design of the plates, Iittala created an imperfect pentagon. When used together, the plates create an irregular pattern that appears more natural.


A link to nature runs through the collection: The table napkins when folded reference Mt. Fuji in Japan. The darker ceramic glaze is a deep green hue inspired by Finnish forests while the pink and grey colors come from the Sakura cherry blossoms.



Iittala and Issey Miyake share a simplified design aesthetic rooted in local culture. The exchange of ideas brought new ways of thinking about shapes to Iittala and a different approach to using fabric for products at Issey Miyake.

Iittala | MoMA Design Store

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