Puffs of Air—Not Bird Feathers—Insulate This Jacket

Puffs of Air—Not Bird Feathers—Insulate This Jacket

Using packets of air, this animal-friendly down gives adjustable warmth

Leo Lutero
  • 3 february 2016

The NuDown is a line of jackets powered by a rather cheap insulator: the air around us. Trapped air is one of the best insulating materials on the planet and the NuDown claims to be the first in harnessing in this way.

NuTech is the label’s proprietary technology. NuTech doesn’t only use air to warm up the jackets, it also lets the wearer decide just how much a jacket is insulated. This means the NuDown jacket keep the wearer warm on a cold day as well as on a subzero ski trip.

This adjustable warmth works with a manual hand pump built into the jacket. Similar to the ones you’d find in a blood pressure monitor, this fills up laminated chambers on the jacket with air if needed. The principle is that the more air you pump in, the warmer the jacket can get.

nudown pump

A common material used today in pricey down jackets are bird feathers, a poor choice for the birds. NuDown, on the other hand, offer an animal-free alternative with benefits. Unlike traditional downs, the NuDown will work well and will not get soggy even when wet.

According to the company, the pump system gives the jacket a 40-degree temperature variation.

NuDown CEO Bob Hall speaks to the benefit of the technology:

“Not only is NuDown giving consumers total control over their body climate, but also, they do not need to wear multiple layers. For a day at their favorite resort or in the backcountry, skiers and riders do not need to take a break to store unwanted layers. Lastly, our jackets and vests are ideal for travel because they compress for easy packing and can be used in a variety of temperatures across multiple seasons.”

nudown 2.png

The flagship Fall 2015 collection consists of six designs, including vests—three for women and three for men. Built for adventurers too, they feature materials such as Polartec fabric and additional Primaloft insulation. The NuDown jackets are now available in select retailers and online. Prices vary from $450-$800.


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