Let Your Video Selfie Be Your Resume on the Job Hunt

Let Your Video Selfie Be Your Resume on the Job Hunt

Employment app lets job seekers create short video pitches and compressed CVs

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 february 2016

SelfieJobs is a Stockholm-based startup with an employment app that enables jobseekers to promote themselves in a different way. It aims to make the search for a job simpler, fun and more rewarding, while giving companies a place to find social and service-minded talent.


SelfieJobs launched in Sweden before expanding across the Nordics, Germany and the UK last year. By letting people ‘Apply with a Like’, the app simplifies recruitment for both parties. Potential employees get the chance to instantly apply for up to 30 jobs per day instead of filling out long, complicated applications. Employers can create cost-effective job advertisements in a matter of minutes and gain instant access to personnel.

Jobseekers can create a short video pitch and a compressed CV with a few bullet points about their education and work history along with pictures. This process takes around two minutes and they can quickly share their creation on social networks. They can apply for jobs across the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands by changing location with a swipe in the map.


The SelfieJobs app caters to young people interested in careers in the sales and service industries who are frustrated by the current methods of applying for jobs. Posting a CV and applying for a job is now as easy as using Tinder or Snapchat.

The SelfieJobs team, led by entrepreneur Martin Tall, believes that if the barriers between companies and jobseekers can be broken down, then new jobs and internships will be created. The app is available for iOS, Android and also online. The team’s vision is to become Europe’s most popular job app for young adults by 2018 and also expand to the U.S.


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