Kill Zombies in VR at this Secret Warehouse

Kill Zombies in VR at this Secret Warehouse

Brave Londoners can take on the undead apocalypse in virtual reality

Eva Recinos
  • 11 february 2016

Virtual reality and gaming continue to come together in unique experience that blurs the line between reality and fiction. One of the most powerful unions: Virtual reality and horror-themed games, where it’s difficult to separate fantasy from real life.

For one heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing hour, visitors to the Virtually Dead experience must navigate through a post-apocalyptic desert in Arizona overtaken by zombies.

From March 19 to April 3, zombie aficionados can feel as if they are confronting the walking dead in a virtual reality and immersive theater experience. A short teaser video on the site shows a user with a VR headset on walking through a dark space as a hand slowly emerges behind her and grabs her shoulder.

More than 20 actors will roam around the space as users view the environment through HTC’s Vive headset. The website bills the event as “not for the faint hearted.” This mix between live actors and virtual reality could make the experience even more frightening than just one method or the other. This could lead to new experiments in combining real-life and virtual reality sensations, visuals and sounds.

As of now, the location is undisclosed but will be in the East London area.

Virtually Dead

Zombie portrait via Shutterstock

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