This car company put a dreamy filter on winter scenes, to tempt drivers into the cold

By now, the filter-aided photograph of a natural landscape is just as ubiquitous as an overhead shot of a perfectly arranged brunch plate. Both of these images grace many an Instagram feed and create a beautiful, curated version of real-life experiences.

As part of its #Hibernot campaign, Land Rover teamed up with digital agency, Mindshare and Kinetic Active to create a series of digital billboards that depict beautiful winter landscapes with Instagram-like live filters.

Some of the locations captured in these photos include Cromwell Road Gateway, Canary Wharf, Cheyne Walk and the Northern Lights in Leeds. Passersby can see live HD images of each location pop up with the Land Rover logo and filters applied to each photo. Every 20 minutes, the images are moderated by to match the most realistic version of the landscape at any given moment.

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