Slim glass panels reveal the brand's commitment to rich television

LG has released its first Super Bowl commercial, utilizing a well-known talent to highlight its vision of the future of TV. Centered on the new Signature OLED TV, it focuses on how the brand aims to deliver future-forward home entertainment innovations today. The spot features actor Liam Neeson, with Ridley Scott serving as executive producer and his son Jake Scott directing.

Neeson's character is “the man from the future,” a mysterious person who is tasked with releasing the future of television to the world for people to enjoy today. The newest flagship OLED TV showcased in the ad is said to deliver picture quality with perfect blacks, unparalleled contrast, rich shadow details, and more vibrant colors. This is a result of the pixels, which can switch on and off independently. The slim glass panel features a translucent glass back and forward-facing sound bar speaker system.

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