Valet Service “Pays Off” Your Parking Tickets

Valet Service “Pays Off” Your Parking Tickets

Anyone with a creative tweet were eligible for parking ticket amnesty

Leigh Ann Renzulli
  • 17 february 2016

Luxe, the app that offers on-demand valet parking, began 2016 by making a statement. They encouraged customers to say “no more” to parking tickets by offering “parking ticket amnesty” in the form of Luxe credits.

To become eligible for amnesty, Luxe account holders simply tweeted a photo of their parking ticket to @luxevalet telling them what happened, using the hashtag #ParkingProblems. The company then placed credits in the amount of the ticket into their Luxe account.

Nicholas Hindle managed to get an impressive amount of parking tickets in New York City. Unfortunately for him, Luxe only provided credits up to the $100 mark, but at least he won that much.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.20.41 AM.png

“Having received my fair share of parking tickets on Manhattan streets, I was happy to be praised for once rather than scolded,” said Hindle. “I will without a doubt continue to use Luxe in the future as well as share the amazing service with friends and family.”

Abby Schiller tweeted this photo to Luxe from Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.24.47 AM.png

“I was stoked when they picked me! Parking in LA sucks and Luxe makes it so easy,” said Schiller. “Luxe is an awesome service that provides a solution to a problem that was previously unsolved.”

Luxe did their research before they launched the parking amnesty campaign

“We analyzed hundreds of tweets and Instagram posts about parking problems,” said Stephen Rodi, director of communications for Luxe.

“We noticed that people felt a dramatic range of emotions from devastation to injustice, and we knew we had to do something.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.36.58 AM.png

According to Rodi, the campaign was very successful. Over two weeks, Luxe saw a 430 percent engagement increase on Twitter and by the end of the campaign, the company had given away thousands of dollars in Luxe credits.

“We saw a range of comments from ‘You guys rock!’ to ‘You just made my day!’ which is the best compliment any brand can hear from its customer,” said Rodi.


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