These sustainable-energy parks almost never need connecting to electric grids

Imagine an impressive sculpture in the middle of your city’s park. It’s beautiful but it’s not just for display. It recycles polluted water into a drinkable quality, it has many ports where you can charge your devices, it has a 3D printer and it also lets you connect to the Internet—all of this is powered by a built-in solar panel. The Watly, a 35-meter long modular structure, strives to create a functional centerpiece fitting for future communities.

Shaped in the sleek “x” of a chromosome, the Watly is packed with features that communities can take advantage of. It can purify up to three million liters of water a year without even needing to be attached to the power grid. Its long legs are wrapped in an array of photovoltaic cells that generate enough electricity to make the entire structure self-sufficient.

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