Monument Valley Embarks onto the LEGO World

Monument Valley Embarks onto the LEGO World
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The magical and mysterious world of a mobile game may take on new life as a play set

Azalea Pena
  • 16 february 2016

Monument Valley is a popular award-winning mobile game that has proven its genius gaming concept in the world of mobile gaming. Also, it has won a slew of awards, including the Apple Design Award in 2014. Now, the makers of Monument Valley are seeking to start their adventures elsewhere: the LEGO world.


Bringing the Monument Valley game to life through LEGO cannot come at a better time. The mobile game is filled with labyrinths, secret paths and mazes, all of which are designed and made with exceptional digital architecture in mind. To see these digital structures come to life, in the form of LEGO parts, is offering people the magical world of Monument Valley in a real 3D experience that’s incredibly popular for its own laurels.

User Isometry is the brains behind this Monument Valley My Lego Ideas project. Isometry wants to transform the complex worlds of the game into something that people can interact with.


Isometry’s LEGO concept includes four landscape themes: The Garden, The Labyrinth, Water Palace and Halycon Court. These landscape themes will feature water wheels, rotating walkways, bridges, platforms and more. Aside from the landscapes, the three main characters will also be included in the set: Ida, Totem and Crow.


To enhance the experience, there will be illusion stickers included in the set as well. These stickers aim to add more illusion and dimension to the standard LEGO bricks.

However, in order for this LEGO project idea to come alive, there are still hurdles to overcome. Isometry first needs 10,000 supporters. After that, the idea will go through the LEGO review board to assess if this Monument Valley LEGO set is actually a viable product for the company.

Monument Valley- My LEGO Project Ideas

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