Never Forget Anything on Your Bucket List

Never Forget Anything on Your Bucket List

This app helps you combat your "fear of missing out"

Laura Yan
  • 15 february 2016

Soon is the ultimate bucket list app: it will help you jot down recommendations for anything from movies and books to stores, cafes and restaurants. Rather than scrolling through messy notes, the app provides neatly labeled categories, complete with just enough information to help you take action. Movies lead to trailers and showtimes, while museums provide hours and directions.

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Like a regular to-do list, you can check off what you’ve done The app will store an archive of things you’ve crossed off. Soon also has a trending section that will let you see what’s popular around you (which could be useful locally or while traveling), or follow friends to see what they’re adding to their lists. If something catches your interest, you can easily add it to your own list. You can also recommend things you really love to others.

The app was founded by Carl Anchér and Henrik Evrell, both Swedish agency designers. Evrell explains that the idea for the app came from conversations with Anchér:

A big part of the conversations we have with our friends are about culture and cool stuff around us – movies and series, books, restaurants, music, stores, games… Have you seen X? Have you been to Y? You should read Z! So everyday there’s this natural flow of inspiration about new things to do or try out. With Soon, we wanted to create a really good way to organize this inspiration, and ultimately help people to experience more and better things in their everyday lives.

Soon Founders VSCO.JPG

The app is quite intuitive, with a minimalist, color coded list of categories, and the option to view trending items or an activity stream from friends. It may just be the solution to confusing book and movie titles, easily lost names and addresses of bars or restaurants. Evrell tells PSFK:

Every time I show Soon to someone new, the first thing they do is pulling out their phones to show how they already make lists like this in Notes, Evernote or other ”standard” notes or to-do apps, and next they complain that it’s too messy and lacks basic functions. This is what’s so great about Soon – we’re not creating a new behavior, but rather a much better solution for an existing one.


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