A simple way to assert yourself in office emails

Do you tend to write in an apologetic tone for things that don’t need justification? How many times do you make a point by saying “I’m no expert, but…”? If that sounds like you, downloading Google Chrome’s extension Just Not Sorry could help. The free Gmail plug-in warns you when a word or phrase you’re about to send undermines your message.

We’re no experts, but this can potentially increase the chances of landing that gig you always wanted, if that makes sense.

Created by Tami Reiss, CEO of software development agency Cyrus Innovation, the plug-in is part of an initiative to get at least 10,000 people (specifically women) to stop diminishing their voice in 2016. While the words and phrases themselves aren’t rooted in a behavioral or psychological foundation, they’ve been unearthed through conversation with other women and readings by various women leadership experts, business figures and economists.

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