This popular game is about to get a major, cheat-proof revamp

If you’ve ever felt cheated at Monopoly, it’s usually one of two things: You’re a sore loser or the banker could be a giant, dishonorable cheat disguised as a human being. The game that could turn anyone into landlords with a roll of a dice is finally welcoming the future that can put an end to quick-handed players. In Hasbro‘s soon-to-come Monopoly Ultimate Banking, a computer-controlled debit system replaces the man behind the till.

It has to be said that although fun, the game board based heavily on capitalist practices can tear friendships and families apart. Dealing with cold fake money is dirty business and a single miscalculation can reveal the evil in us all. In this new iteration of the well-loved board game, there are no more wads of cash. Instead, at the beginning of the game, each player gets a debit card where all the money will be in. To purchase a property, just consult the banker, scan the lot, swipe the card, SOLD.

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