A family of untethered objects built on inspiration, exploration and productivity

Next Tuesday, PSFK Labs will launch The Nomad Class: an insights report which examines the new technologies and services that enable people to maintain productive and fulfilling working lives, while still living a life of adventure and exploration. Within the report, PSFK offers expert insights from brands like Moleskine, Automattic (WordPress), Neuehouse and more who celebrate the untethered lifestyle, empowering professionals to build careers and find inspiration as they travel.

If you’re a thinker, a doer, an artist, a writer, a business professional, a student, a list-maker, a calendar keeper, and so on and so forth, the chances are favorable that your pen or coloring tool have once grazed the inside pages of a Moleskine object. The Moleskine brand has traveled around the globe—inside bags, on trains, around the table at a co-working hub—allowing anyone with an idea to capture and actualize it in myriad creative forms. Whichever product we choose to engage with (a bag, a diary, a writing accessory), the Moleskine brand has become synonymous with both place and displacement: a portable home for our most intimate thoughts and a platform for our ingenious ideas in Anywhere, USA.

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