An Office Chair Design Takes Its Cues from Luxury Vehicles

An Office Chair Design Takes Its Cues from Luxury Vehicles
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The designer of the Porsche 911 helped create this luxurious office chair

Eva Recinos
  • 1 february 2016

Positive Posture decided to try something new for its latest model: collaborate with someone from a completely different area of design. The company calls the result a breakthrough in chair design. In fact, its website names Vaya as the “most comfortable office chair on Earth.”

Award-winning designer Ken Okuyama, known for his work on car models like the Ferrari Enzo and the Porsche 911, brought his unique knowledge of sports cars to the design of Vaya. Motion definitely plays a role in the comfort of the chair. A driver in a car wants to feel comfortable as he-she sits through traffic, turns and stops. Vaya is engineered to adjust to the user’s “every movement” and create comfort no matter your sitting position.


A few features make this possible. For starters, the chair includes fully adjustable lumbar support and easy-to-use adjustment features. A proprietary 3D mesh also makes the chair flexible and breathable. As with Positive Posture’s other products, the chair is meant to encourage good posture but also adjusts to the user’s likes and needs.

vayachair office chair

Vaya is currently available in both a standard design and limited edition. The latter includes different colors and is signed and numbered by Okuyama. The chairs currently range from $3,000 to $6,000.


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