Throwing away our throwaway culture: an easy way around a persistent problem

When eight different people send me a link to the same website in the span of a week, I know I have to write about it.

The site is called Buy Me Once. I’m in love, and I think the site and its mission are incredibly important.

Here’s why.

I talk a lot about reducing consumption, buying less and choosing to buy better quality products when it is actually necessary to make a purchase. But as I’ve discovered over the past eight years, actually doing this can be quite challenging.

Initially, when I was trying to change the way I shopped, I vowed to stop buying clothing from fast fashion outlets. You know the ones – they’re popular and trendy and filled with stacks of $5 T-shirts and racks of $15 shoes. The whole place is fluorescent and pulsing with music and when you go in it’s hard not to buy something.

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