Pornhub Turns to Whales for Next Philanthropic Act

Pornhub Turns to Whales for Next Philanthropic Act

An adult entertainment site is donating its video views for cetacean conservation efforts

Samantha Cole
  • 9 february 2016

Pornhub is freeing Willies for a good cause. The adult entertainment website announced the launch of their latest philanthropic project: Save the Whales.

To celebrate World Whale Day on February 13, for every 2,000 video views on the site through February 29, they’ve pledged to donate 1 cent to the Washington-based nonprofit whale protection organization Moclips Cetological Society.

Based on Pornhub’s average traffic rates, they’re on track to raise around $6,000 — more if word spreads about the fundraising effort. This isn’t Pornhub’s virgin voyage into do-gooding; the company’s philanthropic arm, Pornhub Cares, has supported the environment with “Give America Wood,” helped raise cancer awareness with “Save the Boobs” and “Save the Balls,” and most recently revealed a clothing line that supports domestic violence victims.

“With Pornhub Cares, we’ve been able to make a positive difference in the lives of others and this initiative is no different,” Corey Price, vice president at Pornhub, told PSFK. “If we can use this money to ensure the effective conservation for cetacean species and shed light on this modern day atrocity to get people speaking about it, then we’ve done our job.”

Whales are classified as an endangered species, according to the WWF, including the sperm whale, inspiration for the majestic Moby Dick. As few as 300 North Atlantic right whales remain today.

Like us, they’re a species at risk thanks to mankind’s wanton use of nature. They’re intelligent and social. And they have sex for fun. “They have a variety of networks and methods of approaching the challenge of interaction and procreation, some of which might make the adult moviegoers blush,” said Ken Balcomb III, President of the Moclips Cetological Society.

There were concerns, said Balcomb, about offending other donors by association with the adult entertainment site. But it’s hard to finger-wag when they’re reaching a potential audience of 1.2 billion views over the 20-day campaign: The pornography site hosts 3 million videos and draws 60 million viewers per day.

“We do not wish to offend anyone who might look askance at the sources of the contributions that we receive,” said Balcomb, “and we hope that serious would-be contributors look at the mission and accomplishments for making their charitable decisions.”

For these two companies, who’d otherwise pass like ships in the steamy night, the collaboration feels natural. Or, as natural as web traffic can be. “Here at Pornhub, ‘blowhole,’ ‘sperm,’ and ‘hole’ are popular search terms amongst our viewers,” said Price. “We figured it only right to utilize our platform and global community to take a stand against the injustice that is going on in oceans around the world—the killing of whales for ‘scientific research,’ overfishing and pollution.”

The whales probably don’t care where the money comes from, as long as it comes.

Pornhub Cares | Save the Whales

Beluga whale via Shutterstock

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