Livia Firth’s new collection suggests smartest shoppers buy where others pass

Confession time. When I shop, I am drawn like a moth to a flame to the prettiest, most eye-catching pieces. Yesterday, I took a short cut through Zara – I know, madness. Know thyself, woman! – and ended up buying a spaghetti-strap black lace bra-top thing, with some half-baked idea about how I was going to wear it over a shirt at fashion week in a sort of entry-level-Vetements way.

Lela dress £65, Livia Firth M&S Collection.

I will never wear it, and this is a stupid way to shop. Is February too late to make a New Year’s resolution? Because I want to be more like Livia Firth. Instead of buying jazzy, sparkly magpie nonsense, I am going to look for blind-spot clothes: the ones that you almost miss because they are borderline boring, but which make a) your life easier, b) your wardrobe more streamlined, and c) you a better person.

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