Samsung Believes Virtual Reality Can Change Fine Dining

Samsung Believes Virtual Reality Can Change Fine Dining

Fine dining is a feast for all the senses but does fooling them count?

Leo Lutero
  • 24 february 2016

Samsung paints a wonderful picture of how head-worn VR can elevate the dining experience. Instead of just seeing Tuscany on your plate, imagine looking around and seeing flowers and vineyards as far as your eyes can go. Then, with a change of plates, you can be transported to the depths of the ocean as you gorge on the best seafood the world has to offer.

But are we really supposed to don VR headsets while we wave around forkfuls of food? Samsung thinks ‘yes’ and argues it’s a natural add-on to any restaurant experience. This article from Samsung Business Insights reads:

“By using Samsung Gear VR, restaurants can take the already sensory experience of dining to a new level. While there is a wow factor to using this cutting-edge technology, the impact of virtual reality is a natural fit for restaurants that want to create a complete experience around a meal, not just serve a plate of food.”

To prove the tech’s potential, Gear VR worked with Sublimotion’s Paco Roncero, known for being the chef behind the world’s most expensive meal. Sublimotion has a single table for 12 diners each night inside a room with wall-to-wall video screens. Even the table is embedded with electromagnets that add to the magic of the whole show-cum-20-course meal.

sublimotionibiza vr

Although how the Gear VR played a role exactly is unclear (so as not to spoil the show), it is shown briefly being worn as guests enjoyed food as well as while exploring their immersive environment.

Samsung invites more people to try out using VR in their restaurants but cautions that food must still play a central role and VR is only a medium to a greater sensory experience. The article adds:

“But by integrating virtual reality technology into your restaurant even on a less ambitious scale, you will quickly stand out from the crowd both with the innovative technology and the unique experience that highlights your cuisine.”

samsung gear vr

It’s true that getting ahead in the restaurant game requires a lot of forward thinking but should VR be the way to go? Many restaurants, including greats such as El Bulli where Paco Roncero, has re-introduced wonder to food. If VR can give diners the same novelty, it could definitely play a role in modern fine dining as long as it doesn’t tamper with the fine motor skills required in aiming a steak knife.

Samsung Business Insights | Sublimotion

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