With the addition of menswear, a solar-powered line of clothes doubles its proliferation

Almost a year ago Pauline van Dongen and Holst Centre launched their Solar Shirt at South by Southwest. Since then, a menswear version of the design has been created.

The garment contains a output cable in its pocket, which allows the wearer to charge devices on the go. The Solar Shirt generates sustainable energy from 120 thin-film solar cells. In bright sunlight, it produces around 1 to 1.5 W of electricity—enough to charge a typical cellphone in a few hours. While indoors, the shirt generates enough power to keep a battery charged, so your phone or other devices are ever-ready when you need them. The shirt can charge any USB-compatible portable devices. And, if all your devices are charged, the energy can be stored in the shirt’s battery for later use.

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