Store This Collapsible Luggage Right Under Your Linens

Store This Collapsible Luggage Right Under Your Linens
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Modelled after an armadillo, rolling suitcase collapses down to three inches for easy storage

Eva Recinos
  • 15 february 2016

Frequent travelers must cope with a unique problem no matter the destination: packing enough clothes for a trip without burdening themselves with a huge suitcase.

The team behind Néit hopes to solve this problem through its thoughtful design. The rolling suitcase collapses to 30 percent of its total volume. In less than 10 seconds, it quickly flattens for easy storage.


As the product’s Kickstarter explains, the team behind Néit combined lightweight materials with protective ones to create luggage that is both sturdy and compact:

“The case is made from lightweight, yet durable Polycarbonate and features aircraft grade aluminium frame for additional structural protection and our collapsing mechanism. The perfect combination to protect your belongings while on the road…no more broken fragrance bottles in your luggage.”

The team modeled the design after an armadillo shell, taking inspiration from the naturally-created tough exterior. The rolling suitcase contains four wheels—instead of two—which can be easily disassembled for storage.


The team also took into consideration another travel challenge: making sure your luggage makes it to your destination. According to the Kickstarter page, more than 1.5 million bags were lost or stolen in the United States last year. Néit includes a GPS tracker that syncs to an app for iOS/Android devices. Besides tracking the suitcase, the app also helps travelers check the status of a flight and store boarding passes.

At the time of writing, the team raised more than $70,000 out of its $96,000 goal.


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