The high and lowlights of the mad scramble to shine on advertising's biggest stadium

With the 50th iteration of the Super Bowl now in the books, we wanted to take a step back to share some thoughts on what most stood out from the experience. Once again, what happened on the field was only a small part of the social media conversation taking place during the game. Wide-ranging one-liners on Twitter focused on the relative quality of the high-priced ads and evaluations of the performances from both musicians and announcers alike.

Despite the distractions from a buffet of snacks and the intrusions of real life on the digital one, the Super Bowl is a rare event that captures and sustains a live audience’s attention for an evening, and brands did their best to rise above the noise and own viewers’ eyeballs on screens both big and small. And while we couldn’t take it all in, we found a few high and lowlights worth discussing today.

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