Home collection geared for both girls and boys includes over 1,200 pieces

Target is launching a gender-neutral home collection for children, extending its efforts to create genderless products and signage for stores. After guests pointed out that suggesting products by gender in certain departments was unnecessary, the company started identifying areas where they could phase out gender-based signage, such as bedding and toys. With Pillowfort, they wanted to develop a new collection that would be universal.

Target’s design team spent time with families and developed something exclusive for them that mixes fun colors and patterns with quality, style and value. Pillowfort features more than 1,200 pieces of furniture, with stuffed animals, bedding, lamps and pillows that don’t lean towards a specific gender in their design. There are items featuring birds, sealife, dinosaurs, astronauts, forest animals and more, with lots of pieces that could find a place in any room.

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