Mass retailer makes it easier for all families to browse the aisles

For those who have gone shopping with differently abled family members, it is clear that stores are not often designed with their loved ones in mind. Mass retailer Target is, however, trying to make shopping trips a little easier by introducing a partnership with Caroline’s Cart, a special shopping cart that accommodates older children and adults so that caregivers can shop without alternating between the shopping cart and wheel chair.

The traditional design of the cart makes it too big to manage well with one hand, making it nearly impossible to also maneuver a wheelchair or other mobility device. Caroline’s Cart was designed by Drew Ann Long, founder of Parent Solution LLC, who created the product to accommodate her daughter Caroline. The carts provides a larger seat where the traditional child seat would be, so that it is accessible for older individuals. The handlebar of the cart is also redesigned, using two separate grips rather than one solid bar for easy access to the seat within. The company mainly works with shopping outlets and malls, providing these carts for customers en mass rather than selling them individually to families themselves.

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