Ride Service for Kids Lets Someone Else Play Soccer Practice Chauffeur

Ride Service for Kids Lets Someone Else Play Soccer Practice Chauffeur

This service is dedicated to providing safe on-demand car trips for children

Leo Lutero
  • 1 february 2016

A personal driver for kids is a busy parent’s dream, for when the kids need a ride to a birthday party, or if work suddenly skews your after-school schedule. A unique car-sharing service only for children, Zum is an Uber-for-kids service, acting as a school bus and nanny rolled into one.

Naturally, if your kids would be traveling alone with a stranger, the number one priority would be their safety. This is where Zum is trying to set itself apart from other car-sharing services.

A Zumer, the monicker for the drivers, must have at least three years of experience working with kids and three years of squeaky-clean driving experience. If an applicant meets all these preliminary requirements, he or she must undergo a thorough interview process, multiple background checks and finally, a vehicle inspection.

The service boasts that only one out of five driver applicants eventually get accepted into the program. They also add that Zumers will most likely be nurses, teachers, stay-at-home moms or pro nannies.

Each family who uses Zum will be assigned five Zumers as a trusted pool. Each time they book a car, a Zumer will be chosen from this group. Zumers aren’t ordinary drivers. Instead of just driving kids from point A to B, they can stay and watch over them like a guardian. From a baseball game to a rehearsal that your schedule just can’t accommodate, Zum can swoop in and save the day – for a price.

A ride starts at $16 while the “nannying service” costs $6 for every 15 minutes or about $24/hour. It offers the convenience CEO and Founder Ritu Narayan, a busy mother of two, says she was looking for before launching the startup as Liftee back in November of 2014.

For peace of mind, each time the parents book a Zum ride, the Zumer’s details are sent to all nominated contacts. Parents are updated every step of the way from pick-up to drop-off. Parents can also schedule different stops, perfect for picking up siblings at different locations. Kids from the same block can also build their own car pooling group for cheaper rides.

Right now, the service is available through sign-up on their website and terms specify availability within California.


Child riding in car via Shutterstock

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