My New York Fashion Week look this year was 'mouth agape, cardboard on my face'

Coach teamed up with Google to stream a 360-degree version of its runway show at New York Fashion Week this year, so I entered the low-maintenance void. I downloaded the Coach app, slipped my phone into the Coach-branded Google Cardboard and slapped the headset onto my face come catwalk time. At the 4 PM start time, I was behind-the-scenes before the show kicked off.

Being behind-the-scenes is enlightening: I sat in my swivel chair and watched as fashionable people walked into the venue, getting their pictures taken. I also watched staff members hurriedly mop the floor between squad entrances. A woman once stood in front of the camera and I watched her scroll through some texts. They also put the mop in my field of view, so that was cool.

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