A Virtual Reality Arcade is Coming to Los Angeles

A Virtual Reality Arcade is Coming to Los Angeles
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VR-enhanced arcade entertainment might elicit the tech's mass adoption

Eva Recinos
  • 5 february 2016

With the power to transport users into a completely different place or time, virtual reality also serves as a powerful tool for creating entirely new worlds. A number of industries are experimenting with the technology as it continues to gain attention from both tech experts and curious viewers.

One area that obviously benefits from the power of VR: gaming. The technology helps to bridge the gap between the viewer and the game (with viewers usually watching the action on a screen), placing each player right in the middle of the action.

It only makes sense that a virtual reality arcade would be the next big step. Starbreeze Studios will soon bring a virtual reality arcade to Los Angeles. Project Starcade will make its debut in the spring or summer of 2016 at a currently secret location. OVERKILL, a Starbreeze Studio, recently created OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, a first-person shooter game. The Walking Dead VR experience pairs the game with the technology of StarVR to make the experience even more engaging. These are the types of games visitors can expect in Project Starcade.

Emmanuel Marquez, Starbreeze’s CTO explained more about the inspiration behind opening the virtual reality arcade in an email:

“We see time and time again that people need to experience VR to really get what it is, otherwise it just stays as an abstract “cool thing” that people talk about and most likely forget about. We really think the difference will be enabling people to try it out to be able to relate to the new technology and understand its potential. We’re all grown up with an arcade close by, so the idea came somewhat naturally.”

The company will open the arcade as an experiment of sorts, adjusting each experience based on feedback from users.


“This is also one of the more exciting aspects of the Arcade; to be able to have people come through and give us direct feedback,” wrote Marquez.

“We believe it will be invaluable.”

In the spring, the company will reveal more information on how other studios also working with VR apps can join in on the arcade fun. Marquez looks forward to these partnerships and the way that the arcade can serve as a space for other groups to explore the possibilities of their own VR visions.


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