This year, we'll see TV set free from the television

Since its first demonstration in the mid-1920s television has gone through five major shifts that affect the way viewers consume it. Now we’re on the verge of a sixth shift that will bring it kicking and screaming into a brave new world of TV everywhere.

The UK is the most advanced TV-watching country in the world, according to Ofcom, and has seen a record rise in the use of tablets for consuming media. The living room TV is no-longer the be-all and end-all of television consumption.

The change is being driven by the younger generations. Recent data from Childwise suggests children aged under five are watching more TV than ever at 2.6 hours a day, accessing on-demand content through tablets and other devices. Meanwhile, Childwise also found that, on average, five- to 15-year-olds are spending more time online than sat in front of the TV.

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