One of Intel's own converts the cost of a Super Bowl ad with Intel iQ Data

Super Bowl 50 signified a shot at the ultimate trophy in pro football for NFL fans and players. For brands the big game embodied the chance to win over millions with a captivating 30-second tv spot. The Super Bowl’s giant stage doesn’t come cheap. In 2016, a 30 second spot will cost a record $5 million—up $500,000 from last year.

What $5 million can get in digital and social media?

Let that settle in; $5 million to run one tv ad one-time! Additionally, that amount doesn’t include production costs for the ad. As a content marketer, I immediately think about how much $5 million can get a brand in digital media. Evidently, I’m not alone. This week AdWeek and Digiday provided insightful examples using a $5 million valuation across digital advertising such as:

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