3D-Printed Food is Carving Paths Across Culinary Communities

3D-Printed Food is Carving Paths Across Culinary Communities
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  • 17 march 2016

NASA has been investing and experimenting in 3D printed food since at least 2013. The ability to automate food-making gives astronauts more time to focus on their work and reduces waste overall. For NASA, additive manufacturing (the technical name of 3D printing) is being leveraged to print food and meet the mechanical needs of the crew.

3D-printed food is now expanding to affect people all over the world, and Los Angeles in particular thanks to the 3DS Culinary Lab.

Culinary Labs 3D Printing.jpg

Culinary Labs 3D Printers.jpg

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3D Systems (referred to as 3DS) prides itself on offering a holistic perspective on 3D printing and all the facets of its evolution. They’ve recently been flexing their muscle through an innovation center which sits near Melrose and Highland in LA.

After wowing everyone with the introduction of the ChefKJet Pro early last year, known for its dynamic, creative usage of sugar as a material, they are making new forays this year with the 3DS Culinary Lab, which is giving guests up-close-and-personal exposure to the art of printing on ChefJet. Creative Director of the Lab Liz von Hasseln was interviewed by the LA Times and shared her vision and goals for this new gem on LA’s culinary scene:

We are thrilled to open this amazing collaboration space to bring a new era of digital craftsmanship and technology to the culinary community… We’re bringing together partners and collaborators from across the food service and hospitality industries, as well as chefs, mixologists and artisans to explore the wide-open landscape for 3D printed food.

Mei Lins 3D Printed Food.jpg

The Center is seeing many culinary luminaries come through to use the facility including “Cocktail Chef” Matthew Biancaniello and Top Chef’s Mei Lin, who won during the TV shows 12th Season. Another notable innovation that is similar to ChefJet is Natural Machines’ “Foodini” which has greater ambitions to democratize 3D printed food. They want to make the Foodini available to professional kitchen users at the cost of $1000 and has building relationships with major food manufacturers, according to CNN.

3DS Culinary Lab

Photo credits to Oyler Wu Collaborative

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