For a company that considers itself an arbiter of fun, its workplace needed to follow suit

For a website like 9GAG, the world’s leading online social platform for humorous and fun content, having a boring physical office would be a joke. Thus, LAAB Architects redesigned what used to be a mini-storage warehouse into an elegant and fun-filled office for the 9GAG team. The result is a space that offers employees the ability to work and play at the same time.

The project team, composed of Jason Choi, Happy Yam, Kathy Li, Yip Chun Hang, Ricci Wong, and Otto Ng, kept the 9GAG’s website and app aesthetic in mind when incorporating the black-and-white theme into the new workplace. More than that, the predominant colors were blended in with the raw industrial shell of the old warehouse allowing for some vibrant juxtaposition.

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