An art installation requires you to light a fire to access PDFs

Keepalive is an installation by German artist Aram Bartholl that consists of a Wi-Fi router hidden beneath an inconspicuous boulder in the green fields of Lüneburger Heide, in Hartböhn. The router is not connected to the Internet, but locally hosts a library of PDF survival guides. To access them, users have to light a fire at the foot of the boulder, activating an internal thermoelectric generator, which converts heat to electricity that powers up the library.

Anyone can access the data stored in the installation once they find the exact location of the stone. Users can also add data or text to the device using a smartphone or laptop. The survival guides will help prepare you for “solo survival in the chaotic world of computer programming as much as for solo survival in the wilderness,” according to Jennifer Bork on Bartholl's website.

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